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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the tour include?

Each tour includes the use of one or both buses to the locations of your choosing. Some tours offer snacks or drinks. Read full description for more details.

How long does each tour last?

All tours vary in length depending on how many places we visit and how long travel takes. Some tours may end early if we move more quickly than expected. Other tours may last longer depending on how much fun we have with each tour.

How many people can come on the tour?

The Fun Bus can seat 14 while the Executive Bus seats 13. A minimum of six people must be on the bus before we can get the tour going. (This means a minimum of 12 participants for the Scavenger Hunt, 6 passengers per bus.)

How crazy does the bus get?

While we encourage everyone to have as much fun as possible, we expect passengers to be polite and respectful. Unruly passengers will be asked to leave the tour and may cause the tour to be canceled all together. We can all have fun without dancing in the aisles and yelling at passing cars.

Can we go crazy off the bus?

Of course not. We will be in public. We will be at some upscale establishments that will not be happy if tour members break things or must be asked to leave. Again, we can all have fun while being respectful and polite.

Can I be late?

Well, again, of course not. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Passengers who cause the tour to leave late could have a surcharge added to their cards. If passengers show up more than fifteen minutes late, they will be left without refund. Let’s all agree to be on time and things will work out just fine.

Are your buses handicap accessible?

No. Sorry.

What should I bring?

Mostly what you bring is up to you. Jacket or sweater if it’s cold. Sunglasses if it’s sunny. Umbrella if it’s rainy. Beyond those things, you can bring a small cooler for wine or beer to drink on the bus, but we prefer no glass please.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We prefer to have at least 7 days notice if you need to cancel your tour. Otherwise, we cannot offer you any kind of refund. Weddings, and Out of Town tours all have their own specifications of cancellation. (Please read our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the foot header.)  All  tours have their own cancellation time frame upon confirmation of the reservation, so please read up on which tours you may cancel with a refund.

The weather is looking a little rough. Are we still heading out?

While we ain’t worried about a little rain, tornadoes do scare us. While we do not expect our tours to be canceled over a few clouds, we will give full refunds in the event of extreme cases.

Should we tip?

While we will never turn down a tip for one of our drivers, we really appreciate receiving five-star reviews. If you like our service, review us as highly and as often as possible. If you LOVE our service and you think we did an outstanding job, we would welcome your monetary tip. It’s just one way of you showing us “the love”. We thank you in advance.

What happens if the tour ends before the time scheduled,
will we be charged the full amount?
Could we be charged if we go over the scheduled time frame?

Yes, you could. Some tours go longer and some go shorter, and we do not refund any amount if the time frame is shortened. If we go over the allotted time, we will ask you about it and see if you mind that we are later than usual. If you choose to be later than the scheduled time, there could be a surcharge tagged onto your tour for the extra amount. We’ll discuss each matter as it comes up. Please let us know if there may be a longer time frame that you would like to receive before the tour so that we can make sure there is nothing booked before or after your time frame.





Disclaimer: A surcharge COULD be charged at the discretion of the driver or the manager if any member of your party is unruly and spoils the fun. Cheers Tours and Events has the right to charge the full amount of the tour even if your tour has been canceled due to unruly conduct, misbehavior on the bus or at any establishment or business, or for any rudeness or inappropriate behavior. Please conduct yourself and help those in your party that could be unruly, or inappropriate, so that we do not have to cancel your ride or tour. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and, if anyone in your party gets thrown out of an establishment, we can cancel the tour immediately without notice. If for some reason the tour is not as initially planned, (as in we had to pick up more people, or drop off people at different locations other what was initially planned), we do have the right to charge the additional gratuity for those things that was not initially planned on the trip. We understand that some things to do not go as planned, and we will do our best to accommodate your party, but if we have to navigate too far off our plan, we do have the right to charge you or the person in charge of the booking.  So please plan accordingly.

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